It’s time to immerse yourself in our brand new fitness alternative.

We are NOT a fucking gym.

Alternative Rainbow Fitness sessions welcome all patrons, open to all people including sexually and gender diverse people from all walks of life.

We are proudly a LGBTQIA+ safe space and aim to cater to all persons of all backgrounds – regardless of gender or orientation.

We dare to be different and aim to foster a unique community of likeminded individuals. We strive to create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable, safe and free from discrimination and have a great time while doing it.

Our doors are open to all genders and all walks of life.
We aim to provide a LOUD AND PROUD fitness alternative in a safe, welcoming environment. (Only restriction is 18+)

Challenge yourself and expand your perspective with diverse and quirky programs all year round, run at a number of venues across Melbourne.

Our music tastes are every colour of the rainbow – (pending the sessions type) you’ll listen to rock, pop, retro, psy-trance, glitch beats and more in our churning melting pot of musical flavours.

All our events are drug and alcohol free, with ever-evolving programs to ensure you won’t get bored on your fitness journey.

Sabina is the brainchild once again of this mystical project, expanding on Alternative Women’s Fitness to include everyone the rainbow of life. As a small child, if they ever got scared they’d chant on repeat over and over…

“Rainbow Brite see the shining light…”

It would always bring them back to their happy place. This feeling of being in a safe, magical and positive place is what they want to bring to Alternative Rainbow Fitness.