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Here’s a bunch of questions we get asked on the regular. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Whip us up an email and we’ll sort you out. 

So is Alternative Rainbow Fitness a gym or what?

Alternative Rainbow Fitness is a fitness ALTERNATIVE.

We are NOT a fucking gym. 

You won’t find any treadmills or spin classes here - our aim is to give you something way better. Our classes offer a new approach to training and socialising, while still providing all the benefits of a professional fitness regime.

How much is it? See prices >
What is Awf & friends? 

It all started with Alternative Women's Fitness and now we are growing our folio to include other cool projects.

Who can come to ARF classes?

We are proudly a LGBTQIA+ safe space and aim to cater to all persons of all backgrounds – regardless of gender or orientation. 

We dare to be different and aim to foster a unique community of likeminded individuals. We strive to create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable, safe and free from discrimination and have a great time while doing it.   

Our doors are open to all genders and all walks of life. We aim to provide a LOUD AND PROUD fitness alternative in a safe, welcoming environment. (Only restriction is 18+)

What language do we use?

While we don’t give a shit about the odd swear word, we do opt for gender-neutral language.
– we’re all different, so that’s how we speak to you.

We do our best to avoid using restrictive language or terms because it doesn’t apply to everybody.

Does ARF have any joining or membership fees? 

Nup! We are as straight up as you can get, with no sneaky joining or membership fees. You only pay for the classes you book in.  

Why enrol? Why not casual?

We aren't like the big 'Globo Gym' monopolies that see you as just another number. We also need to make a commitment to our trainers and venues that operate on a local business level.

Committing to our ARF programs will keep them alive and pumping. Think of it as making an appointment each week to treat yourself, working toward your individual goal... oh yeah and you'd be supporting small local businesses.

What about casual bookings?

We currently offer limited casual bookings for our BREAKFAST BOOGIE and RADHIIT sessions. No strings attached but booking in advance is essential.

How do I cancel a sesh?

With everything we need a min 8 hours prior notice; If you're enrolled in for a program, you're not entitled to a make up session, but we may be able to provide you with one*pending availability. If you cancelled by mistake or life stuff changes and you'd love your booking reinstated, please send your request via email. We can't promise your request can be met in time - but we'll try our bloody best! Did you know that some sessions you may be able to send a friend or family member along in your place. To ensure they qualify, you'll still need to let us know prior and if it's their first visit with us - they'll need to arrive super early to fill out the required paperwork.

What level of fitness do you require?

We encourage all levels of fitness to attend. If you’ve got an injury or restriction, give us a heads up beforehand so we can try and look after you.

Low impact and more challenging options are available for most sessions.

Why group sessions?

Group sizes at ARF are boutique, with around 4 - 16 people pending the class type. We focus on keeping our group sizes small-ish and intimate, so everybody gets the attention they need and to build a sense of belonging. We love building a social and team focused environment to make everyone feel comfortable and encourage each other.

We get that group fitness may be intimidating, but don’t ever feel nervous about being the new kid on the block. We’ve all been there before and welcome our newbies with open arms. ARF is about community as much as it is about getting fit and feeling great.

What is the music like?

Our music is pending the session tye. Tastes are every colour of the rainbow – you’ll listen to rock, pop, retro AND MORE in our churning melting pot of musical flavours.

What do you need to bring?

If equipment is required, we supply it. Just bring a water bottle to keep that hydration up and a towel.

What to wear?

We don’t care about your fashion choices. Just make sure it’s comfortable, allows movement and makes you feel fabulous.

My back hurts/ I have an injury - can I do any ARF classes?

If you have a serious condition, some sessions may not be suitable. We encourage you to get the all clear from your specialist before jumping into anything. Feel free to discuss your concerns with us prior to starting. Any questions, we’d love to hear from you so just flick us an email.

I’m pregnant. Can I do ARF classes?

Training during pregnancy should be practiced with caution, due to all the changes going on in your body growing that bebe. First, check with your doctor, midwife or professional and get the all clear. Some sessions/ movements are off the cards if you’re pregnant. If you’re unsure, send us an email with your query.

Please always let your trainer know if you’ve got a bun in the oven or are planning pregnancy. We are here to look after you, no matter your situation.

It’s too expensive, help!

Please understand we have worked really hard to make prices super competitive - Running these programs is no easy feat. Despite huge overheads, we are very committed to bring you quality programs with the BEST trainers going around.
If you are experiencing hardship and still want to be apart of this wonderful community. Please email us with further info and how you feel you may be able to contribute in other ways. We are happy to hear from members of the community and love skill swapping or bartering where possible.


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