Alternative Rainbow Fitness and Rebel Stepz Proudly Presents Ballet Move® ABS & BUMS.
Firstly, wipe the idea of a million plies and arse pumping for the full hour. We’ll chuck in some ab work and a chunky slab of stretching the f#ck out!
Your toosh may have never met the full force of Sheena AKA Tiger, butt she is definitely an epic af trainer.
Years of classical ballet couldn’t shake the rebel grrrl out of her, which is why she loves rocking out at our Ballet Move® classes.

Oh yep, we’ll be focusing on your Arse… Sheena will create routines to surprise your backside, forcing it to adapt; bringing you to new levels of noice ‘n’ toite.

You’ll get noice ‘n’ sweaty to a ripping playlist with a combination of standing exercises, steady cardio and stretching to improve strength, flexibility and muscle tone.

No experience required and suitable for most fitness levels. Please bring your own towel and a water bottle.
We suggest wearing comfy gear that allows movement – your fave band shirts are heavily encouraged, but not mandatory. For your tootsies, go bare feet, socks or ballet flats (the dancing kind). Bring extra layers particularly in the cooler weather.

IMPORTANT: Pounce on in 5 mins prior to start time, so you don’t risk missing the warm-up.