In retrospect, the ‘80s were a time to be alive. That’s why we invented RETRO STEP – a neon dreams step class, for your arse. This sesh is designed to have you feel the burn and turn your tuckus into a real piece of art. So slap on your bracelets and let’s get to it. You’ll step up and down an elevated platform at just the right height, which ups the ante for this killer work out. Both high and low intensity options are available for all moves. No co-ordination? No problem. With our ace trainer you’ll work it out faster than a Rubik’s cube.

RETRO STEP is ideal for all levels of fitness with super fun warm-ups and core work, plus strengthening and conditioning. Once you’re all tuckered out, there’s a chill stretch and cool down component at the end of every class. You’ll rest and relax those buns – leaving you softer than a Care Bear.

Wear comfy gear that allows movement and sneakers. In the cooler weather, bring a snuggly layer just in case. We’ve got all the shit covered, so just bring a water bottle and towel.

IMPORTANT: Step on in 5 mins prior to start time, so you don’t risk missing the warm-up.