Rainbow Fitness offers a genuine Alternative to gyms and mainstream fitness classes.

First and foremost, ARF is BODY POSITIVE.

We are for all bodies, of all types, and all sizes.

We are for bodies just beginning their fitness journey*, right through to bodies that love to dance the night away.
We are for male bodies, female bodies, queer bodies and non-binary bodies.
We are all about learning to love your body through enjoying all the amazing ways it can move.

Just as importantly, ARF is about FUN.

We believe exercise should be a joyful expression of what your body can do.
Movement should be pleasurable – no painful, not punishing, not focused on weight loss or appearance.

Classes are inclusive and supportive – there is no competition, no comparisons, just acceptance and encouragement.

We put on a variety of fun theme classes of movement to music so you can discover your body’s strengths and what is most enjoyable to you.

Our music tastes are every colour of the rainbow – pending the sessions type, you’ll listen to rock, pop, retro, psy-trance, glitch beats and more in our churning melting pot of musical flavours.

 Or venues are diverse and full of character and are located across Melbourne.

We provide a LOUD AND PROUD fitness alternative in a safe, welcoming environment.

 Get moving in the most social and enjoyable way possible – get in on Alternative Rainbow Fitness.

*All fitness levels always welcome, including absolute beginners, providing you can safely access venues via flights of stairs and your doctor has given you the official OK to exercise.