Feeling cold & stiff? Come limber up! > LOW IMPACT strength and flexibility training.

Whether your dream is to smash out the splits, or just to touch your toes; no matter your size, or your fitness level; Elastica makes ALL bodies warm and stretchy!

A Pilates based stretch class focused on getting you super supple and deliciously lithe, with the bonus of improving your core strength.

Easy to pick up, watch and follow style, mat class; with various degrees of difficulty offered in moves, and at the perfect pace so everyone can keep up but nobody will get bored. From low impact to high intensity, this work-out is appropriate for all – you’ll soon be more bendy and flexy than you ever dreamed possible!

This is a body positive, encouraging and inclusive class, in an empowering setting, to an inspiring playlist – and super fun, too!

Wear comfy gear that allows movement, socks or bare feet, extra layers in winter, and bring a towel and water bottle – and we’ll supply the rest!